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Welcome to the commands section

  • This documentation uses . as a command prefix.
  • Arguments in [] brackets are optional, arguments in <> are required.
  • Every User argument takes a user mention or a user id.

Help Command

This is where the categories of the commands are listed, found below.

Command Description
fun [Page/All] Fun Commands
text [Page/All] Text Modifications
info [Page/All] Information about things
user [Page/All] User and Selfbot commands
server Server Commands
raid Raid Options
image [Page/All] Image Commands
nsfw NSFW Images
tool Tool commands

Fun Commands

Command Description
bottoken Generates a random Discord bottoken
coinflip Flips a Coin
cocksize <Users> Do a Cock comparison
8ball <Question> Ask the Magic 8 ball
dadjoke Tells a dad joke
joke Tells a joke
wyr Posts a Would you Rather embed
topic Changes the topic
trumpquote Shows a random Donald Trump quote
fakedata Generates a fake identity
ccgen [Mastercard/Visa/Amex/Discover] Generates a fake credit card (Valid checksum)
911 Sends a short 9/11 animation
choose <Option 1> <Option 2> Takes a random choice between two options
nitro <Amount> Generates Nitro and sends Codes every 3 seconds (Randomly generated)
amazonsearch <Product> Searches Amazon products
youtubesearch <Search> Searches YouTube videos
googlesearch <Search> Searches Google
pornhubsearch <Search> Searches PornHub videos
steamsearch <Search> Searches Steam games
githubsearch <Search> Searches GitHub repositories
stackoverflowsearch <Search> Searches StackOverflow answers
wikisearch <Search> Searches Wikipedia articles
lmgtfy <Search> Sends a Let Me Google That For You Link
miraicrash <IP Address> <Port> Crashes a Mirai Botnet
ebayviews <Amount> <Link> Adds eBay views (Loads page the amount of times, may be used for other websites)
tempmail Creates a Temporary Mail
slots Gamble with a slot machine
tts <Language(en/de/fr/es/etc)> <Text> Generates a Text To Speech mp3 and sends it
passwordgen Generates a secure password
rps <Rock/Paper/Scissors> Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors against an AI
dice [Sides] Rolls a dice with the specified amount of sides (Default: 6)
creeper Sends an "infinite" creeper video
advice Gives a random advice
fml Sends a random FML quote
dankfarm Starts farming coins for Dank Memer (Can only be stopped by closing the selfbot!)
snipe Shows the last deleted message from any server
randomusername Generates a random username
quote Generates a random quote
riddle Generates a random riddle
bored Generates a random activity
randomnumber [Minimum] [Maximum] Generates a random number
netflixroulette Generates a random netflix show

Text Commands

Command Description
ascii Shows text in ASCII format
spam <Amount> <Timeout in Seconds> <Message> Spams a specific message specific amount of times
spamtts <Amount> <Timeout in Seconds> <Message> Spams a specific tts message specific amount of times
poll <Message> Starts a poll with a specific message
reverse <Text> Reverses Text
fliptext <Text> Flips the text upside down
zalgo <Text> Adds Zalgo characters to a Text
leet <Text> Turns Text to a 1337/leet message
uwu <Text> UwUfies a message
mock <Text> Spongemocks text
base64 <Encode/Decode> <Text> Encode/Decode text to/from Base64
notfunny Tells someone how unfunny they are
noob Tells someone what noob they are
beescript Sends the whole Bee Movie Script line by line (Can only be stopped by closing the selfbot!)
insult <User> Insults an user
hastebin <Text> Uploads text to hastebin
loremipsum <Words> Generates a Lorem Ipsum text with a specified amount of words
embed <Title> <Text> Sends and Embed with a custom title and text
react <Text> [Message ID] [Channel] [Combine(true/false)] Reacts with the Text translated in Emotes
afk Toggles AFK Mode
uwumode Toggles UwU Mode
mockmode Toggles Mock Mode
empty Sends an empty message
morse <Text> Convert text to morse code
unmorse <Text> Convert morse code to text
emojify <Text> Converts text into emojis
tinyurl <URL> Converts a URL to a TinyURL
clap <Sentence> Puts a clap emoji between each word
cap <Sentence> Puts a cap emoji between each word
semoji <Emoji> <Sentence> Puts a custom emoji between each word
cpp <Code> Puts code in a C++ code block
cs <Code> Puts code in a C-Sharp code block
java <Code> Puts code in a Java code block
python <Code> Puts code in a Python code block
js <Code> Puts code in a JavaScript code block
lua <Code> Puts code in a Lua code block
php <Code> Puts code in a php code block
html <Code> Puts code in a HTML code block
css <Code> Puts code in a CSS code block
yaml <Code> Puts code in a YAML code block
json <Code> Puts code in a JSON code block
animate <Text> Animates text
count <From> <To> Counts from one number to another
strike <Text> Puts a line through the text
spoil <Text> Puts a spoiler on the text
lspoil <Text> Puts a spoiler on each letter of the text
bold <Text> Makes text bold
upper <Text> Sends text uppercase
lower <Text> Sends text lowercase
randomguildemoji Sends a random emoji from the guild (only guilds)
countdown <From> <To> Counts from one number to another (down)
texttobinary <Text> Converts text to binary
binarytotext <Binary> Converts binary to text
toenchantmenttable <Text> Translates english to enchantment table language

Info Commands

Command Description
avatar [User] Shows user's avatar
serverlogo [Server ID] Shows server's logo
roleinfo <Role> Shows role information
serverinfo [Server ID] Shows server information
userinfo [User] Shows user information
bitcoin Shows the current Price of Bitcoin in USD, EUR and GBP
ethereum Shows the current Price of Ethereum in USD, EUR and GBP
litecoin Shows the current Price of Litecoin in USD, EUR and GBP
monero Shows the current Price of Monero in USD, EUR and GBP
covid [Country] Shows live COVID-19 stats
pcspecs Counts Sends your PC specifications
urbandict <Word> Shows the urban definition of a word
calc <Equation> Calculates the mathematical answer of an equation
namehistory <Minecraft Username> Shows the name history of a Minecraft account
uselessfact Shows a random useless fact
pokedex <Pokémon> Shows Pokédex information about a Pokémon
ping Shows your latency to the Discord API
fnstats <Fortnite Name> Shows the Fortnite stats of an user
rockstarid <SocialClub Name> Resolves Social Club's Rockstar ID of a user
weather <City> Shows the current weather in the specified city
discordstatus Shows current Discord Status
uptime Shows the selfbot uptime
morsetable Shows the morse code alphabet
define <Word> Shows the definition of a word
howgay <User> Shows how gay a user is
howcorona <User> Shows how corona positive a user is
howfurry <User> Shows how forry a user is
lovecalc <User 1> <User 2> Love Calculator between two users
iq <User> Shows User's IQ
deathdate <User> Shows the Death Date of a user
ipresolve <IP Address> Resolves an IP Address
portscan <IP Address> Scans an IP Address for open ports
rdns <IP Address> Scans for reverse DNS records
lyrics <Title> Shows the lyrics of a song
translate <ToLang> <Text> Translates text to a specific language (Text has to be in English)
mcskin <Minecraft Username> Shows the Minecraft skin of the user
mcuuid <Minecraft Username> Shows the Minecraft UUID of the user
color <HEX Code> Shows information about the color
numberfact <Number> Shows a fact about a number
motd Displays React Selfbot MOTD
host2ip <Domain> Shows IP of a host
searchcmd <Content> Searches for a command
showping <IP Address> Shows ping of an IP
howcap <User> Shows if a user is capping
mcserver <Address> Shows information about a Minecraft Server
csgostats <Profile ID/Name> Shows CS:GO Statistics
rlstats <Profile ID/Name> Shows Rocket League Statistics
apexstats <Origin Name> Shows Apex Legends Statistics
valorantstats <Riot Name With Tag> Shows Valorant Statistics
rockstargamesstatus Shows Rockstar Games Status
unixtime <Timestamp> Converts an UNIX timestamp to time (UTC)
iptype <IP Address> Displays whether the IP is bad and what type it is

User Commands

Command Description
playing <Status> Sets your playing status
streaming <Status> Sets your streaming status
listening <Status> Sets your listening status
watching <Status> Sets your watching status
removestatus Removes your status
online Sets your status to online
idle Sets your status to idle
dnd Sets your status to do not disturb
invisible Sets your status to invisible
darkmode Changes your Discord theme to dark
lightmode Changes your Discord theme to light
typing <Seconds> Shows typing... message for the specified amount of seconds
invisiblenickname Changes your nickname to invisible letters
junknickname Changes your nickname to junk letters
hypesquad <Bravery/Balance/Brilliance> Changes your HypeSuqad House
clearlog Clears console log
purge <Amount> Purges a specified amount of messages
bulkreact <Amount> <Emoji> Reacts to an amount of messages above
bulkpin <Amount> Pins the amount of messages above
leavegroups Leaves all Groups
ignorepings Toggles ignoring @here & @everyone pings
nitrosniper Toggles Nitro sniping
giveawaysniper Toggles Giveaway sniping
privnotesniper Toggles Privnote sniping
deletetimeout <Infinite/(Seconds)> Sets the time after that embeds should be deleted
changeprefix <New Prefix> Changes selfbot prefix (Restart required for the help messages)
webopen <URL> Opens an URL in your web browser
copyuser <User> Repeats everything the user types
stopcopy <User> Stops repeating the user
stopcopyall Stops repeating the all users
showsettings Sends your Selfbot settings
friendexport Backups some of your friends
addfriend <User> Adds someone as a friend
unfriend <User> Removes a friend
block <User> Blocks a user
unblock <User> Unblocks a user
dm <User> <Text> Sends a direct message to an user (Can also send messages if you have blocked the user)
clearpings <Server ID> Clears all pings of an server
messagedisplay <Compact/Cozy> Changes your message display
developer <Enable/Disable> Enables/Disables Discord Developer mode
customcmdadd <Command Name Without Prefix> <Content> Creates a custom command which sends the "Content" when used
customcmddel <Command Name With Prefix> Deletes a custom command
customcmdlist Shows available custom commands
mutualguilds <User> Shows mutual guilds with user
mutualfriends <User> Shows mutual friends with user
afkmsg <New Message> Change your AFK auto-reply message
selfbotdetection Toggle Selfbot user detection
giveawayblacklistadd <Word> Add a word to the giveaway word blacklist
giveawayblacklistdel <Word> Delete a word from the giveaway word blacklist
remotecommandsuseradd <User> Allows other user to use selfbot commands
remotecommandsuserdel <User> Disallows other user to use selfbot commands
stats Shows your Selfbot Statistics
ghostpingdetection Toggles ghostping detection
stopbot Stops the bot
embedmode Toggles Embed Mode
ignoreallpings Toggles ignoring all pings
disablecommand <Command> Disables a selfbot command
enablecommand <Command> Enables a selfbot command
footertimestamp Enables/Disables the footer timestamp (Restart required)
stealname <User> Steals someones Discord username
stealpfp <User> Steals someones Discord profile picture
stealnameandpfp <User> Steals someones Discord name and profile picture
statuscycleadd <Word> Adds a word to the status cycle
statuscycle Toggles status cycle
userstats Shows your Discord statistics

Server Commands

Please be aware that commands which spam the Discord API like dmall, banall, etc. might result in a banned Discord account.

Command Description
dmall <Text> DM's all users on the server with the specified message (Read this for more info)
banall Bans all users on the server except yourself
kickall Kicks all users on the server except yourself
deleteroles Deletes all roles on the server
deletechannels Deletes all channels on the server
masschannels Creates 250 random named channels
massroles Creates 250 random named roles
massunban Unbans all users on the server
cloneserver [Server ID] Creates a server with the same channels and roles (Default: current guild)
destroyserver [Server ID] Deletes all channels, roles and kicks/bans all members and creates random channels and roles (Default: current guild)
dumpemojis [Server ID] Saves all Emojis into an folder (Default: current guild)
rainbowrole <Role> Fades the role color (will get ratelimited fast!)
ban <User> Bans an user
kick <User> Kicks an user
nukechannel <Channel> Clones a channel and deletes the original

Raid Commands

  • Proxyless

    Command Description
    raidjoin <Invite Code> Lets all tokens join the server (Read this to get the invite code)
    raidleave <Server ID> Lets all tokens leave the server
    raidmessage <Channel ID> <Amount> <Message> Lets all tokens write messages in a channel
    raidfriendrequest <User ID> Lets all tokens send friend requests to the user
    raidremovefriend <User ID> Lets all tokens remove the user as friend
    raidnick <Guild ID> <Nickname> Sets the nickname of all tokens on a server
    raidreact <Channel ID> <Message ID> <Emoji> Lets all tokens react on a message with an emoji
  • Proxied (Only HTTP Proxies)

    Command Description
    raidproxyjoin <Invite Code> Lets all tokens join the server
    raidproxyleave <Server ID> Lets all tokens leave the server
    raidproxymessage <Channel ID> <Amount> <Message> Lets all tokens write messages in a channel
    raidproxyfriendrequest <User ID> Lets all tokens send friend requests to the user
    raidproxyremovefriend <User ID> Lets all tokens remove the user as friend
    raidproxynick <Guild ID> <Nickname> Sets the nickname of all tokens on a server
    raidproxyreact <Channel ID> <Message ID> <Emoji> Lets all tokens react on a message with an emoji

Image Commands

Command Description
fox Sends a random fox image
duck Sends a random duck image
dog Sends a random dog image
cat Sends a random cat image
panda Sends a random panda image
redpanda Sends a random red panda image
koala Sends a random koala image
bird Sends a random bird image
pikachu Sends a random pikachu image
hug Sends a random hug gif
kiss Sends a random kiss gif
wink Sends a random wink image
waifu Sends a random waifu image
neko Sends a random neko image
wallpaper Sends a random wallpaper image
sadcat Sends a random sad cat image
tpdne Sends a random this person does not exist image
yesorno Sends a yes or no image
wasted <User> Adds wasted overlay to avatar
triggered <User> Adds triggered overlay to avatar
trumptweet <Tweet> Generates a Trump Tweet with a custom message
tweet <Username> <Tweet> Tweets a message with a specific username
achievement <Text> Generates an Minecraft Achievement Get imagege
phcomment <Text> Generates a PornHub comment with a custom message
qrcode <Text> Generates a QR Code image with the specified text
approved <Member> Generates a approved image with the member's profile picture
rejected <Member> Generates a rejected image with the member's profile picture
batslap <Member> Generates a batslap image with the member's profile picture
beautiful <Member> Generates a beautiful image with the member's profile picture
brazzers <Member> Generates a brazzers image with the member's profile picture
burn <Member> Generates a burn image with the member's profile picture
crush <Member> Generates a crush image with the member's profile picture
dictator <Member> Generates a dictator image with the member's profile picture
discordhouse <Bravery, Brilliance, Balance> <Member> Generates a discordhouse image with the member's profile picture
gay <Member> Generates a gay image with the member's profile picture
magik <Member> Generates a magik image with the member's profile picture
missionpassed <Member> Generates a missionpassed image with the member's profile picture
rip <Member> Generates a rip image with the member's profile picture
scary <Member> Generates a scary image with the member's profile picture
sniper <Member> Generates a sniper image with the member's profile picture
tobecontinued <Member> Generates a tobecontinued image with the member's profile picture
subzero <Member> Generates a subzero image with the member's profile picture
vs <Member> Generates a vs image with the member's profile picture
wanted <Member> Generates a wanted image with the member's profile picture
whowouldwin <Member> Generates a whowouldwin image with the member's profile picture
changemymind <Text> Generates Change my Mind image
clyde <Text> Generates a ClydeBOT message
supreme <Text> Generates a Supreme Logo image
scroll <Text> Generates a Scroll of Truth image
captcha <Text> Generates a reCAPTCHA image
phlogo <Text 1> <Text 2> Generates a Pornhub Logo image
facts <Text> Generates a facts image
deletetrash <User> Generates a delete trash image
smart <User> Generates a smart image
shoot <User> Generates a shoot image
punch <User> Generates a punch image
bear Generates a bear image
car Generates a car image
shiba Generates a shiba image

NSFW Commands

Command Description
butt Shows a butt image
boobs Shows a boobs image
anal Shows a anal image
porngif Shows a porn gif image
hentai Shows a hentai image
hentaianal Shows a hentai anal image
hentaiboobs Shows a hentai boobs image
hentaitentacle Shows a hentai tentacle image
hentaibara Shows a hentai bara image
blowjob Shows a blowjob image
feet Shows a feet image
cum Shows a cum image
trap Shows a trap image
futanari Shows a futanari image
spank Shows a spank image
rule34 Sends a random image

Tool Commands

Command Description
gping <@User> Ghostpings an user
invisibleping <User> <Message> Sends a message with an invisible ping
fakenitro <Link> Generates fake Nitro URL
fakeskeet <Link> Generates fake Skeet Invite URL
fakelink <Fake Link> <Original Link> Sends a fake link
dox <Token> Shows information about someones Discord Account
tokenfucker <Token> Changes all settings and let's the Account flicker black and white
nuketoken <Token> Purges all guilds and blocks all friends of a Discord Account
bantoken <Token> Ban's someones Discord Account
delwebhook <Webhook URL> Deletes a Webhook
blackscreenurl Sends a URL which let's people who use Windows get a black screen
infograbber <Discord Webhook URL> Creates a info grabber exe file which gets uploaded to anonfiles which grabs Discord tokens and IP Address + HWID (Read this for more info)
sleeklaunch <IP> <Port> <Duration> <Method> <PPS> Starts a attack (API Token needed in config.json)
sleekstop <Test ID> Stops a attack (API Token needed in config.json)
sleekrestart <Test ID> Restarts a attack (API Token needed in config.json)
sleekstatus <Test ID> Shows information about a attack (API Token needed in config.json)
sleekmethods Shows available attack methods
dumpchat [Message Amount] Saves the channel messages into a file and uploads it
massghostping <User> Ghostpings a person in every channel